Why should Non-vegetarians have all the drools?

How can you survive without chicken? Do you always eat the green veggies? You have no idea what you’re missing. Vegetarians are tired of hearing such dialogues on a regular basis. But non- vegetarians have no idea what the vegetarians got. Soya Chunks can totally replace meat in all recipes.

Also known as Soybean and Nutrela, Soya Chunks come from the Soya Bean pods that are located in the Soya plant. It is commonly known as vegetarian meat. The protein is equal to that of meat. Not only that, it’s insanely easy to cook. The dishes prepared with meat can be prepared using Hilife Soya Chunks such as curry, soups, and stir fries and even in Pulao. It has the tendency to absorb flavors well of the components used to prepare it. It can make both the vegetarians and non-vegetarians drool over it.


August 25, 2020

Versatility of Chiura/Flattened Rice

Chiura is a staple and popular food of most of the Nepali Kitchen and is a crucial part of everyday life ...