Versatility of Chiura/Flattened Rice

Chiura is a staple and popular food of most of the Nepali Kitchen and is a crucial part of everyday life. From breakfast of Dudh Chiura to Chiura Pulao khaja, from Samay Baji in Newari Bhoj to Dahi Chiura in Asar 15, Chiura holds an important place in Nepali Cuisine. Since chiura is made by flattening rice, it is easily digestible and is light on the stomach, which makes sure you don’t feel bloated.

Chiura can be eaten raw, by immersing into milk or tea, with salt and sugar for taste, or with lentils, potatoes, eggs and other wide variety of side dishes.

A group of uninvited guests? You can serve Potato & Peas Poha. Getting late for work? No time for breakfast? Dudh Chiura is the solution.  Need to host a feast for a large group? Masu Chiura would be the first option. Chiura is a boon for small to large occasions. Known as ‘Baji’ in Newari, Chiura is an easy yet delicious option for every household.


August 25, 2020

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