Amidst the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the world is still running at its own pace and businesses are operating widely over the nation. The outbreak has led to massive downturns in terms of business and the health sectors. But, our health always comes as a first priority!

Many business organizations along with the employees have been given a strict order to get vaccinated prior to rejoining the workstation. This benefits an immediate health measure plus the productivity also gets increased. Hilife took the initiative of taking responsibility for health and precautionary measures for employees. The office placed strict instruction on behalf of every employee in perspective of health security by organizing vaccination availability at different health camps and hospitals. All the employees were given daybreak especially for the purpose of vaccination and extra leave was also provided in cases necessary.

To date, Hilife Foods have acquired full data on the employee’s vaccination list and has gained confidence on less spreading of the disease and its outbreak. Hilife family is mentally and physically prepared with well precautionary measures at the working station by placing sanitizers on each area, maintaining social distancing, compulsory use of masks, and organizing meetings with fewer people.

Thus, in conclusion, Hilife Foods is sound to call itself ‘WE ARE SAFE’!



August 25, 2020

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