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TEEJ: The day that invites colors, food, and prosperity


The day is named Haritalika Teej, the greatest and holiest festival of Nepal where women celebrate the mightiest Lord Shiva for three days. Adorned in the color red, with bangles, saree, red tika, and beautiful accessories, women dance to the traditional Teej music for several days. 

An extravagant festival that marks womanhood, joyful events, fun which is accompanied by a very long feast known as Dar. Dar is a combination of different varieties of food eaten by all family members, friends, sisters, and office employees mixing a bit of music and dance. Lately, such occasions have had a large place of their own and are widely celebrated with an expectation of joy and fun as the year passes by. 

Hilife Foods came together for the celebration of Teej with its own perks, celebrations, gifts, and goodies. The in-house Management Team came up with a PARTY which was quite a sight to see! Lavish delicacies were served for everyone which also included sweet desserts and fun activities, games and engagements were like a cherry to the cake! Fun activities were merry-making among the employees while they laughed, enjoyed every bit of games like karaoke, and dance along. 

Such memories are opted to make employees feel motivated and refresh. The work refreshments are very necessary for team building and relationships among each other. Festivals and occasions are just like a chance or an opportunity for celebrations of our culture, rich ethnicity, heritage among our diversified group of Hilife Family. These cultures not only bring individuals together but also brings all the positive vibes and motive for working together as a team and bringing in productivity. 

At last, Happy employees are the key custodians of any business organization! And, Hilife Foods always have Happy working employees.





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