Shrawan Sombaar: Hilife welcomes the month in its unique way

An auspicious month of Shrawan, that comes with a celebration of the mightiest Lord Shiva for the blessing of good fortune and prosperity and long life for their loved ones. Women and devotees from different age groups celebrate the first Monday of the month by grooming themselves with a “color green” and visit nearby temples. 

With such an extravagant celebration, we could not make our female employees miss all the fun and rituals during the working hours of the office, would we? The Hilife Team organized a small in-house party focusing on the importance of such rituals in the office so that our employees won’t have to miss all the celebrations tied up with the ritual.  This way, the productivity of the work keeps intact as well as all the staff members can have fun at the same time! 


The female employees were asked to put on attire with the color green and were asked to come in their individual choice of clothing. With women lined up in their own colorful choice of attire and the embodiment of femininity added an extra spark to the office. Shrawan special food and drinks were provided and of course, not to forget mentioning ‘Henna session’! The Henna came with its own perks as we distributed a small gift package to all our women staff. As said and followed for a long period of time, women put ‘henna’ (Mehendi) on their hands and green bangles and worship Lord Shiva for the desire of an ideal husband. 
As the celebrations are lined up, we will definitely keep our priorities high for all our employees and keep organizing such glorifying parties with a little fun of our own. Because at last, employees are the key custodians and it is evidently important to bring such auspicious festivals into the office environment. 


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